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750ml 40% alc./vol.

For an honest appreciation of the depth, texture and flavour of our flagship product, we suggest you first do something slightly out of the ordinary: sip it neat. Oh, and sniff it too, so you can try to anticipate the flavours that you’re about to imbibe. Our uncommon blend of botanicals paired with the silky smooth of Red Fife wheat grain delivers an exceptional taste. Prepare for a beautifully balanced wave of floral, herbaceous, peppery and juniper notes with hints of licorice and spice. Then ready yourself to revolutionize your favourite mixed drinks!

Find it in stock at select LCBO stores in Central Ontario.

Black's Distillery Gin
Black's Distillery Heritage Vodka

Heritage Vodka

750ml 40% alc./vol.

We chose to produce a vodka that, unlike the mass produced blandness that defines so many other spirits in this category, actually has a definable taste, body and texture. That shows a beginning, middle and end on the taste buds. Whisper soft on the entry, you’ll encounter a subtle if not surprising note of sweet before a punchier edge of pepper simmers on the finish. Believe it – vodka with personality and presence.

Find it in stock at select LCBO stores in Central Ontario

Millers Toll Rye

750ml 43% alc./vol.

Aged in virgin oak level 3&4 char barrels, the Miller’s Toll name originates from the toll levied by the Millers for milling the farmer’s grain.

Black's Distillery Millers Toll
Black's Distillery Aged Barley

Aged Barley

750ml 43% alc./vol.

100% locally grown Barley grain, Peterborough County.
Blacks Barley has its own distinctive notes and uniqueness. Scotch connoisseurs will love its true Mother Earth Barley flavour and quarter cask oak.

Nose: caramel, oak wood
Taste: sweet rose, peppery, caramel
Finish: spicy, warm, velvety

White Barley

750ml 43% alc./vol.

All Scotch whisky is originally made from Barley, however despite our Scottish heritage, it has to be made in Scotland by law to be called Scotch. If you’re a Scotch lover by nature reserve some time to tune your taste buds into the finer points of this intriguing spirit. Distilled from locally grown barley, this is an all natural, un-oaked small batch statement with no additives. A first whiff of this lightly peated blend offers shades of floral and leather. The taste leads to deeper, earthier tones with a pinch of pepper and cinnamon before a fiery finish eases out over a smooth body.

Black's Distillery White Barley
Black's Distillery White Rye

White Rye

750ml 43% alc./vol.

Our White Rye showcases just how much character we can tease out of a small batch release produced from 100% locally grown rye grain. Spicy? Absolutely – it is rye, after all. But let the earthy notes and caramel sweetness of this new make rye open up and make sure to breathe in the delicate vanilla aromas. The finish shows some fruitiness as the heat gently subsides. Clearly, not your average rye.


375ml 23% alc./vol

Locally sourced Black Currants are truly a delicacy, luscious dark ruby colour.

Nose: Sweet Black currant
Taste: Rich opulent currant, sweet fruity.
Finish: Fruity, sweet finish.

Black's Distillery Cassis
Black's Distillery Cherry Whiskey Liqueur

Cherry Whiskey Liqueur

375ml 30% alc./vol.

Niagara tart Montmorency cherries, luscious red colour, rich in antioxidants. Fortified with 100% rye grain spirit.

Nose: Dark tart cherry, rye spirit undertones.
Taste: Dark cherry pucker tartness, with a Brandy likeness
Finish: Tart with the right amount of sweetness.



Every spirit tells a story – of that there is never any question in the business of distilling. Yet the narrative for Black’s Distillery extends its roots well beyond the confines of Peterborough County and the rolling hills where David Fife long ago coaxed his treasured grain from the ground. In fact, owner Robert Black’s Scottish heritage links back to the Duhb (Duff) Clan, which actually connects to the town of Fife and the family itself. Take that as coincidence but best accept it as a vital connection. Upon learning of this relationship the Black’s name assumed its rightful place and is emblazoned on every bottle that we produce, day-in and day-out.



His is the name behind Canada’s oldest and most cherished heritage wheat – Red Fife Wheat. David Fife originally produced the grain in the 1840s at his farm a quick horse-and-buggy ride southeast of Peterborough. What David Fife likely didn’t anticipate is that, generations later, his soft, smooth and flavourful grain would reside at the heart of locally crafted artisan gin and vodka. We invite you to raise a glass to his ingenuity and inspiration for producing what we think is the essential ingredient to our signature Black’s taste.

How We Do It

Drink Small.

You don’t need to remind us what a foolish notion it is, going into the handcrafted spirits business. Who the hell does that? Sure, we’ve got something to prove. It’s simply this – your tastes deserve something authentic and delicious. That’s why we’ve established Black’s Distillery, so we can lovingly produce a collection of spirits from the heartland of Central Ontario.

Spirits produced from the most naturally pure ingredients possible – that’s our take. We believe there’s a thirst out there among a good many people who crave more character in their spirits. Count yourself as one of those looking to raise a glass to the small batch revolution? Then fill your cup here, friend, and let us know what you think.

100% Natural

One sip of any of our small batch spirits reveals a simple truth. Distilling solely with natural ingredients produces something quietly and compellingly remarkable. There’s no compromising on those principles. We don’t lean on additives, colouring or junk science to deceive your good sense of taste. From natural sources to first sip, we keep it positively pure every step of the way.

Judge for Yourself

Enough talk. There’s really only one way to make a proper evaluation. Sample them neat to savour the sheer depth of character. If preferred, let an ice cube or two bathe in the bliss of our vivid flavours. Liberate your cocktails and add an extra squeeze of hospitable to your highballs by letting them shine in the light of our small batch spirits.


Red Fife Wheat

Red Fife Wheat

The soft, supple, smooth-sipping soul of our spirit is attributed to this famed heritage grain.


This grain introduces a light spice and understated fruitiness to the spirit.


Humble grain it may be, but don’t underestimate the depth that barley can add to the overall flavour. Nutty chocolate and leathery on the nose, one sip reveals earthy tones, peppered with an edge of cinnamon and light peat.


The distiller’s craft in producing a gin of distinctive character revolves around the alchemy of botanical balance. Black’s Gin dares to delve a little deeper and introduce a captivating array of flavours that reach well beyond those all-too-familiar spirits jacked up on juniper. It’ll likely take a few sips to appreciate the full breadth of taste we’ve distilled into every drop, but to help guide your taste buds, here are the botanicals that lurk within. 


Long recognized as gin’s most prominent flavour, we believe the mark of a great gin is in how those pine and camphor notes are both harnessed and balanced with other botanicals.


An herb that is not shy to show off its earthy freshness, herbaceousness and slightly bitter wine personality to the world. 


Responsible for showcasing gin’s unmistakably dry character while showing off discreetly earthy, woody notes, too.


Introduces another shade of spice into the mix to balance a sensually musky scent with an incisive kick of citrus.


Note the light, floral aroma as hints of mint and rosemary play out on the palate.


An undercurrent of sweetness to better highlight the edgier flavours, apple deftly brightens the overall taste profile.

Lemon Peel

To add zing to the palate and punctuate the lighter tones in our gin we insist on an ever welcoming tinge of lemon in our spirit.


An apparent aphrodisiac, this relative of the pepper family delivers sweet nutmeg, biscuity aromas, eucalyptus flavour and a cold spiciness.


Somewhere between the mysterious and the unmistakable, cardamom imparts a flavour that helps to set our gin that much further apart from others. Strong and aromatic, it delivers a spicy citrus character.



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